A clean and organised home needs a lot of time and hard work. It requires maintenance and you need a bunch of budgets to do so. No matter how difficult it is to create a spotless home, it feels great to smell a fresh home and welcomes a lot of benefits.

One of the most wonderful benefits of a clean home is a healthy life. If you are healthy then you are happy. People eat, drink and go to a doctor when sickness comes the way because all we want is life. Living a healthy long-lasting life starts from home. This is how important it is to maintain cleanliness in every corner of the space we live in.

But then again, cleaning involves not just one but so many considerations. Here is how to keep a home clean and organised in 15 simple tips.

1. Clean as You Go

When a girl out, her room will become a disaster. Clothes everywhere, messy makeup particles and shoes may not also be in its proper position. Most ladies change a lot leaving a cluttered home. Being so clumsy when in a hurry also applies to men as they simply hate cleaning up. Whether you are a boy or a girl, putting things in order as you go will make a difference.

2. Do Laundry Daily

Some people do a load of laundry 2 to 3 times a week. But a clean and organised home does not have to wait that long. Dirty clothes can create a dirty smell. If you let them stay in your laundry basket, you’re going to have a stinky room. If you do change your clothes every day then was them up every day. Cleaning clothes daily will give a fresh and clean ambience room. No stress for a huge file of laundry, just peace of mind waking up you got a lot of clothes to wear on.

3. Wash Dishes As Soon As Possible

Learning how to keep a home clean and organised involves removing any mess in your kitchen, this includes dishes. It is easy to eat and throw away used plates into the plates but this is a very bad habit. So, learn to load and unload dishwasher right after you eat even before going to bed. Doing so will not just give a clean and healthy living but will also save your time during a meal rush.

4. Make you Bed

Some people may think that making your bed is a waste of time but it creates a difference when you in and out the clean bed. To make a bed easier, learn to simplify your bedding. Cut out your top sheets as big sheets can be a big puddle. You can use a duvet or washable cover so you can climb into the made bed freshly. Nevertheless, you can minimise using pillows if you love using your old sheets.

5. Assign Family Members a Chore

A family that works together can be the most powerful force to fight a dirty home. Making home perfectly clean and organised is impossible to achieve by one person. Get the whole family involved by giving each member something to do before getting in or out of the house. Teach your children how to observe cleanliness in their ways such as fixing up the bed or washing dishes. This can also help your children to become responsible later in life.

6. Do a 15-minute Cleanup During the Night

Before taking up your best nap at night, spend at least 15 minutes in cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry or picking up litter on the floor. While going to bed early is good, sleeping with a clean surrounding is much better. You may tell your kids to clean their respective room before lying down to prevent dirt and possible accidents. Make cleaning priorities. Doing even the smallest household chore no matter how tiring the day is could remove the biggest mess.

7. Give High Traffic Areas a Much Attention

High traffic areas can be the place where dirt and dust spread so easily such as the house entrance. Focus on cleaning these spots clean and tidy every now and then. You can do that by making sure there is a dedicated shoe rack or rug to prevent spreading the dirt throughout the house. If you have pets, have some old towels to wipe down untidy paws. You can also use a robotic vacuum to sweep the dust away.

8. Wipe Down Bathroom as soon Possible

We go to the bathroom every day but only a few of us take time to clean it right after every used. Learn how to keep a home clean and organised by wiping down the bathroom after taking up a shower or a simple washed up. Consider using a shower cleaner to remove water rings, loose hair or makeup debris. Excess water can normally be seen everywhere but doing a few wiping is enough to minimise the dirt. Deep clean your bathroom at least once a week for thorough cleanliness.

9. Arrange your Living Room

Your living room is the main place in your home. This is where guests gather but it can also be the main play zone of your kids. Properly arrange everything in it to give the illusion of a neat room. See to it you have your couch pillows great-looking including your books, toys, and decors. An organised living room can create a good impression to guests while providing a fresh scent effect to anyone coming one.

10. Keep Cleaning Supplies Accessible

Cleaning supplies are important to keep home tidy. Place them close to an area where you use them so you can pick them up hassle-free. If the supplies are displayed in a place where you can easily access them, you won’t find it hard picking the things up. This can also help you big at your end as you can give a quick swipe on dirty surfaces without having to move from room to room.

11. Clean Enough but Not Too Much

Don’t expect perfection or you’ll get hurt. Normally, there are details that no one would notice at daily cleaning. Getting caught up of all of the little details of the home like ensuring every little speck is cleaned is impossible to do with a regular cleaning schedule. It needs huge time to remove all of the little details out the way including clouds of dust that are very hard to reach. An 80 percent cleanup is clean enough. Anything higher than that can be done in a painstaking deep clean.

12. Designate a Launchpad

A launchpad is the main area of the house where everything that you need to find easily is put together such as coats, shoes, jackets, backpacks, keys, and purses. Having this area is a big help especially when leaving the house as you don’t need to pull over your pieces of stuff to find the most essential. This can maintain a clean and organised home while minimising clutters. How to keep a home clean and organised includes being creative. You can simply use baskets of different colours for each member of the family and you are good to go.

13. Consider Labelling

Labelling can also be used in all of your things at home to keep handy all around. This is not just for file folders, you can use this to forestall an endless amount of clutter. Go and label your kitchen shelves, bookshelves, storage containers, coat racks and any other thing you need to be cleaned and organised. A lovely label can keep everything instantly accessible. Make it easy to read such as using large fonts of the text so the whole family can see it.

14. Organise your House by Task

Organising your house by the task will make things easier to clean. A laundry room is a laundry room. There should be no other things such as a helmet or makeup in it. If it is your kitchen then make it so. There should be no shoes or toys spreading everywhere. Other places like mail station or homework area must be relevant to each job. Cleaning an organised house can be easy and hassle-free as you don’t need to walk meters by meters to arrange foreign things.

15. Keep a “Go Bag” in the Car

If you want to know how to keep a home clean and organised then put everything in your house in order, including your car. Other than the food, you can put all of the pieces of stuff for family outings in your car such as ball, umbrellas or coats. You can even include books for long trip riding as well as pillows, tents and foldable beds. Doing this can free up space in the house while making sure you have all the go-essentials with you.

Should you have any other ideas to keep home clean and organised? We’d like to know your thought in the comments.