Cleaning has never been easy. It becomes even more difficult if you have kids and regularly employed. When the time comes you can’t handle housework anymore, hiring a house cleaner might be the best option.

Professional house cleaners are knowledgeable on how to handle a messy home nicely. However, domestic cleaners offer service levels you need to know before getting them in. Whatever the reason why you need to hire someone, it is important to recognise your expectation.

Everyone deserves to receive the best treatment as possible. But it’s not all cleaning service can fit any home. This leads to a very important question: what to expect from a house cleaner? It takes a pair of your eyes to find out.

Cleaners Have a Limited Time Allowed

If you are hiring a professional cleaning service over domestic helpers, you cannot hold their time as they tend to move to the next job. Unlike having a maid in which you can command any time, cleaner-for-hire people are strict to their given time frame. Let’s say, you are hiring someone to clean your house for 2 hours then that would strictly be 2 hours.

So, if you needed to vacuum a floor and there are toys, books and clothes spreading everywhere, cleaners will find it hard to clean the thing quickly. This will leave your home half clean when cleaners got their time finished. With that in mind, it is better to pick those things up right before the cleaners arrive.

Professional cleaning service is very much oriented to their job. Most of them have skills and are well-trained. You have nothing to worry when it comes to your cleaning wants and needs. You just need to be clear to it.

TIPS: Determine the things you need to get done. Get your home tidy up.

No Redecoration Will Happen

Sometimes, house owners become dramatic when it comes to their decoration. But house cleaners are not hired to change that. They are in to clean them instead. Decorations will not be transformed in any form unless you allow them to. What to expect from a house cleaner? Their job is to make sure everything looks good, smell fresh and feel amazing. This is something you cannot do alone.

Nevertheless, it is important to tell the cleaners everything you need to get done. Inform them what are those they need to rearrange and what is not. Bear in mind as well that house cleaners are only human. They need to work with a break, around 2 to 4 intervals. They cannot achieve all the task you required them to do in a blink of an eye.

TIPS: Find a cleaning service you can trust. Someone who can perform neatly with minimal supervision.

Don’t Expect Perfection

If there is something small that was not cleaned, don’t panic. Overreacting can’t help. You may think that your cleaner may not have enough time to get to it. However, if you notice that the cleaners missed it again on the next visit, you can talk to them. A gentle reminder is the best way to handle situations like this.

Remember, cleaning is hard work. Unless you pay for a deep house clean, you are assured to get the home thoroughly cleaned.

How You Can Prepare

Still wondering what to expect from a house cleaner? People who engage in cleaning services for the first time always have some sort of wondering in their mind. Do you need to clean the house right before the cleaning services you hire arrive? If so, why call a house cleaning service in the first place?

Well, don’t stress out. People who are about to visit your home are dedicated to giving the highest quality of cleaning service as possible at a price everyone can afford. However, you need to do a small preparation for the success of the cleanup. Here are the most important.

Making a Cleaning Checklist

If you have specific wants you need the maids to get done, be clear about it. Make a list of all your main areas of concern together with the areas in your home that need more attention. If you have kids and throwing a party this week, this may need extra care.

Here is a list of standard cleaning service:

  • Dusting all surfaces such as frames, furniture, and electronics
  • Wiping down all pieces of equipment, doorknobs, lighting, and windows
  • Mopping and vacuuming floors
  • Cleaning toilets and bathrooms including tubs, showers, and sinks
  • Polishing Chrome taps
  • Throwing out garbage

If you need more of these services, always let a house cleaner know.

Do a Little Tidy Up

Picking up toys, clothes and any other littering on the floor are considered extras. For quick and easy cleaning, do a bit cleaning and arrangements beforehand. Get everything in the right spot especially fragile items. Remember, not knowing what to expect from a house cleaner can hurt you. Be clear about your expectations. They have specific duties to do. They also have limited time to do so.

Make a Safe Way

If you have animals such as dogs roaming around your house, keep them for a while. This is to give a safe way for the cleaning service to perform every housework without danger. If you have children and toddlers, have someone to lay a hand on them. They shouldn’t be running everywhere or mingling with the cleaners. Removing everything that can disturb will give you and the cleaning service a sound mind.

Plan a Secure Home

This does not mean you need to lock up everything. In most cases, homeowners are out while the house cleaners are in for cleaning. Secure and hide all the important belongings you may have such as money, pieces of jewellery and cash to avoid unwanted situations. Rest assured that service cleaners are not a thief and are trained to be careful on sensitive belongings but for you to have a sound mind up, have them properly locked up.

As for security systems, make a plan to set them up and/or turn them off when professional cleaners arrive at your home. Arrange all the house keys as well if you need to leave them behind.

What to expect from a house cleaner? Expect the best! Enjoy every time the house cleaning service come in because your home is going to have a fresher, cleaner and sweeter ambience.