You could lose a lot of potential clients if you present a dirty property to them. A filthy home could discourage new tenants instantly. You may end up losing more rental income than just paying an end of a lease cleaning company. It is best to select a professional cleaning company that offers a wide range of services as well as a mobile team. If you are a property manager and looking for more ways to encourage potential tenants, then you may have to clean the property well.

Are you going to clean it by yourself? Are you confident enough that you can clean it thoroughly and that tenants will be convinced to move in?

What EOT Cleaning Company Can Do

A clean house can be very attractive and offer comfort to new tenants. End of tenancy cleaning companies can provide a full cleaning service for you to fit all resources, from carpet to general house cleaning. They have cleaners who are professionals and well trained when it comes to handling the task. An end of lease cleaning company has professional cleaners who are trained to work in a comprehensive manner with attention to detail.

If you hire cleaning professionals, they will use their own cleaning products, tools and equipment to thoroughly clean the property that you managed. Presenting a clean house is a good strategy to convince new tenants to move in as soon as possible so that the property doesn’t sit empty for long periods.

Many ends of lease cleaning company offer services in packages such as deep carpet cleaning and couch and other furniture cleaning. If you feel that the carpet of your property that you are managing needs cleaning and higher than average wear and tear, you may want the professionals. Vacuuming doesn’t always get all the dirt and grime out which could be embedded deep down into the fibres, so you need a better strategy that can reach the fibres’ base. The cleaners have a systematic approach to cleaning carpets, and they can make your carpets spotless.

The end of lease cleaning team will make your place sparkle, smelling fresh and looking clean which can instantly encourage new tenants. Everyone wants to move into a new apartment, flat or home that is clean and in ‘move-in’ condition. Who wants to stress out about scrubbing down appliances, washing windows, fixtures and unpacking all the things in their new home?

When your new tenants are ready to move in, make sure you document the current state of the property that you manage. Provide them with a checklist of the furniture and fixtures that you have offered for them to use.

You may also ask help from the end of the lease cleaning company to jot down all the things and areas that they have cleaned so that you have an accurate list to keep and give to the new tenants.

What To Do If You Choose DIY Option?

When you decide to clean the whole property by yourself, you also decided to give up two to three days of your work as well as the effort required to pack up your household contents and actually moving. End of lease cleaning needs more time and effort than you think. Mind about the work involved in making all appliances and fixtures, and all parts of the house (some of which may not have been cleaned often) spotless. Included here are light fittings that have become insect-filled. A cleaning company may help you with an end of lease cleaning package.

The end of lease cleaning package may include:

  • Internal and external cleaning of the whole property
  • Pest control
  • Rubbish management
  • Repairs
  • And more

If you hire a professional cleaner for your end of lease clean, you won’t find yourself knee deep in dirt, dust, and grime. You don’t have to worry about anything when you hire end of lease cleaning specialists as they have their checklist of what to do and how to do it, you just need to be there when they are done. If you still have valuables in the property as you haven’t packed yet, you may want to stay and observe.

End of lease cleaners knows what the landlords and real estate agents will be looking for during the final inspection. These professional cleaners will make sure that they can deliver better than the landlord’s expectations. You may find a professional and reliable cleaning company through referrals of friends, family, and relatives. You may also search for them online and read their customers’ testimonial to save time. Leave your former property with dignity and make it as clean as possible by using an end of tenancy cleaning company.