Cleaning of the cooking devices in homes is a fundamental step for healthy cooking practices. The joy of every family in enjoying a meal is usually brought about by using clean cooking appliances present in the kitchen. Maintaining cleanliness keeps away germs, maintains the appliances in good condition over a long period and removes dirt. This saves on the cost of buying appliances regularly due to short lifespan. It should be done regularly since soot and food remains are everyday forms of dirt that usually effect your cooking appliances.

There are various cooking tools that are present in various homesteads for example cookers, ovens, hobs and so on. Many people find oven cleaning to be a difficult task in most occasions therefore ignoring to clean them without considering the adverse consequences that affects both the user and the tools. In this article, better tips for cleaning a cooker, an oven and a hob are made available to guide you and make it easier for you while cleaning them.

Cooker Cleaning Tips

Disconnect the cooker

The most dirtiest parts of the cooker are basically those that face direct conduct with the heat. High temperatures or heat usually make those parts sooty. Disconnecting them allows you to get access to the control nobs and burner parts. Immerse them in considerably hot water that is mixed with soap or any suitable cleaner to make the dirt loose. For those using cookers that don’t use electricity, make use of paper clips in cleaning the ports of fuel. For electric cookers, just soak the pans and knobs. The electric cooker burners are automatically cleanable with some having directions for cleaning them.


Spray the cooker top using a suitable cleaning that is recommended specifically for that cleaner. This will help with out grease and dirt. In case the stains are persistent, use a medium sponge scrubber to remove them. Using a rag soaked in water, wipe all the cooker parts since the grease is removed. It is only recommended to wipe the cooker parts using hot water mixed with a detergent but not washing them.

Fixing back the grates and knobs

After dipping the cooker grates and knobs in the cleaning liquid for a period of not less than an hour, scrubbing them using a soft sponge to wipe out any gunk. Remove any liquid or moisture covering the parts using a dry rag and fix the cooker parts back.

Oven Cleaning Tips

The first tip, is opening the door of the oven and removing of the food remains that fall in the base of the oven.
The second step is opening the oven racks and putting them aside. Thereafter, dip them in a sink that holds hot soapy water. This helps to soften the burnt food bits on the oven surfaces. Use a sponge scrubber that is scratchy to remove the sticky burnt spots, wash with clean water and dry them using a dry towel.

Mix baking soda with some water and sprinkle carefully on the oven sides and let it for a night. After allowing it to settle for a night, use a rag dipped in water to wipe out the baking soda on the oven sides. In case the baking soda stains persists, apply dilute vinegar and wipe it.

Hob cleaning Tips

  • Using a scratchy kitchen sponge dipped in water, rub and remove the food remains and sticky particles.
  • Sprinkle some vinegar on the top of the hob to soften sticky patches.
  • Rub using a moist rag to remove the dirt.
  • Dip the rag once again hot water mixed with a cleaning detergent and wipe the hob again.
  • Apply a bit of some baking soda on the surface of the hob and leave it to settle for a while.
  • Use a moist rag to wipe the baking soda paste on the top of the hob.
  • After the baking soda has been wiped off, use a dry towel to remove any moisture present on the surface of the hob.

The above tips are essential in cleaning the cooking appliances for your kitchen but there many ways that can be applied in doing the same. For the starter you can put in practice the above tips and experience the most easy way in cleaning coking appliances.