People with a weak immune system, have asthma or allergies are advised to use steam cleaning over chemical-related methods. This type of cleaning is eco-friendly and chemical-free.

Steam cleaners are devices that use steam or vaporised water to remove dirt and grease on household surfaces. It is safe, dries quickly and offering a high level of sanitation because its ability to clean is based mainly on its heat. Steam or vapour is a product of water that’s being heated up. With that in mind, you can find it effective enough in disinfecting surfaces without ruining human’s health.

How do steam cleaners work? What are the benefits of steam cleaners and where they can be used? Let’s find out.

Types of Steam Cleaning

Knowing the different types of steam cleaning will help us determine its different purposes so let’s discuss the main types first. Generally, there are two types you can find on the market:

Cool Steam Cleaning

A cool steam cleaning machine can produce steam even without boiling the water. It can be used handheld or upright. The steam has to use more water than normal.

Dry Steam Cleaning

Like the cool steam, a dry steam cleaning device can also be used handheld or upright. However, this type makes steam from boiling water. Though there is lesser water used but it’s very hot. Dry steam cleaners are considered to be the most effective and efficient.

Handheld models are more affordable and cordless. But you may need to refill the thing with water more frequently. Upright machines are considered to be the more powerful models. It is better to choose best before making any purchase.

How Do Steam Cleaners Work

How steam cleaners work is a question for many who have no idea what this device is. This does not give a complex answer since steam cleaners from the word itself use just water.

Water has to be heated past the boiling point. It is then forced out as pressurised steam coming through a brush. Other attachment is nozzle. The hotness of the vapour loosens dirt making it easy to clean by simply wiping. It can also kill mites, staph, mould and harmful bacteria.

Steam cleaners require no suction at all. How do steam cleaners work involves a high level of heat provided is enough to dry surfaces quickly. For heavily soiled areas in your home, you may find the cleaning a bit tough. You need to wipe the dirt with a cloth after steam cleaning before the moisture dries in the surface.

How to Keep Steam Cleaning Last

The first thing you need to do to keep the cleaning last is to keep the cleaner work well. You can do this by emptying the steamer of water right after the clean-up is done. Make sure to wash and dry every tool pockets or cloths you use to avoid corrosion.

Steam Cleaning Benefits

Steam cleaners are now a popular appliance you can see in both industrial and residential places. One reason why this device stays as a part of a daily cleaning routine is that it is so wonderfully advantageous.

There are wide-ranging of benefits to hop for. Let’s discuss a few of them here.

Superior Stain and Dirt Removal – When it comes to removing stain and dirt, steam cleaners are superior at it. As the hot vapour strikes the fibres, the bonds that hold the dirt and stain are weakened by the extreme heat the cleaner produced. Once the dirt and stain are weakened, removing them is so much easier and fresher than any other industrial cleaners.

The hot vapour also works down the deepest layers to provide a thorough cleaning without damaging the surface as what chemical cleaners do.

Environmentally Friendly – Since water is the main fighting tool of steam cleaners, people have nothing to worry about pollutants. The device is intensively effective but it does not cause damage or harm to both humans and the environment. Unlike shampoos and detergents, steam cleaning does not use chemicals that can create undesirable smash-ups.

How do steam cleaners work is not a big deal for some, but their safety is what makes steam cleaners stand out.

Prevents Bacteria and Mites – Steam cleaners can able to fight bacteria, fungus, dust mites, and mold. Most carpets get attracted to them easily giving out a bad odor and ugly texture. They can be very hard to remove using conventional methods. Nevertheless, steam cleaners can kill not just bacteria and mites but everything that can damage surfaces.

The heat of the water vapour is enough to kill unwanted attackers. This means you can have bacteria-free belongings without having to use harmful ingredients.

Uses of Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners work well on different surfaces. Some models can clean tough areas while others are effective on much tougher ones. Here are the specific steam cleaner applications you can do in your everyday clean-up.

Mirrors – Steam cleaners can be used in cleaning mirrors along with cloth. After steam clean, the window, use any piece of clean cloth for a streak-free finish.

Steam Ironing – Some steam cleaner model can be purchased with an ironing attachment along with it. It helps to dry laundry instantly especially in refreshing coats and jackets.

Mattress – Cleaning mattresses is a daunting task but not anymore with a steam cleaner. The high temperature of the device can get dust mites away from your mattress. What makes this good is that people suffering from allergies could have a sound mind.

Grouting – Many steam clean types come with a grout brush. How do steam cleaners work involves tools in which you can use this to brighten up grouting that is dull and deadly.

Barbecue Grill Racks – Steam cleaner can blast away the grease that covers the rack hardly. Hard to get grime can be removed in no time as well. Steam cleaners can be a great partner during the messy job. Leaving only a sparkling finish that lasts a long time.

Steam cleaners can also be used on floors, carpets, upholstery, hobs, ovens, and many other surfaces. Always test a small area on the surface before starting the process.