Carpet is one of the most challenging things to clean. When stains and grime append deeply, water alone may not be enough. Washing once may not also be a satisfactory solution.

To get rid of all the dirt is what we always want to do each day. Sanitising is the other thing we like doing to break down unwanted invaders, especially when it comes to carpets. Today, people use two common ways to clean them – steam cleaning and shampooing. Of course, you can’t use the two all the time. You need to choose which one is best instead.

Steam cleaning vs shampooing carpet is a battle worth considering. Which of them wins? Let’s see.

Why Clean the Carpet

Carpet is a beautiful floor covering that is not just good for the feet but also for the bugs and mites. It can provide bad odour if not cleaned very well. Dirt particles are the other invaders. When the thick fiber of the carpet traps grease, grime, loose soil, dust, and other dirt, regular vacuuming may not be enough. You need to do a much tougher cleaning as they are very hard to remove.

Though regular cleaning can take away some debris the remaining particles will accumulate. This is why your carpet will become grimy over time even if you regularly clean it. To solve this issue, it is important to consider deep cleaning occasionally to maintain a healthy living and let your carpet breath a new life.

Before calling a professional carpet cleaning service, take a closer look to the steam cleaning vs shampooing carpet fight and see which will help you best. If you are not good in selecting the best cleaner, getting your carpet cleaned seems like an unending battle.

Dry Cleaning Carpets

There is less waiting in every quick dry carpet cleaning. You can use cleaning solvents or dry chemical compounds for drying. Place them on the carpet and it will help to get off excess water while breaking down any soil they find. Dry-cleaning compounds are mostly used in industrial for quick drying.

There are many misleading dry-cleaning methods to watch for. Others have put some form of moisture which tends to make drying even longer. Fortunately, cleaning tools come with quick-drying features. You can find a few models with hot vapour that dries carpet faster.

Determine your situation and needs and see the difference between using shampoo and choosing for steam

Cleaning with Shampoo: an Overview

Cleaning carpet with shampoo requires a dedicated shampooing machine. The machine comes along with a tank where you can put your cleaning solution together. You may also need to attach a nylon brush for a thorough carpet cleaning. The process starts as the brush spins.

When the brush starts to spin, it brings in the cleaning solution into the carpet fibers. This will help loosen and break down dirt creating a foamy effect. Scrubbing is the other job you need to do for a thorough cleaning. However, you can’t just wipe the carpet to remove the foam and dirt that sink in. You need to vacuum the carpet to take away ugly attackers.

How Shampooing Works

The shampoo machine uses a standard floor buffing equipped with a tank. There is also a soft nylon brush being attached which spins at a speed of around 175 rpm. As the brush spins, the user can release a small amount of shampoo to create lather. Scrubbing the carpet should be done next. However, shampooing requires a more tedious vacuuming as you need to do this before and after the process.

Choosing to go with shampooing your carpet will give you a bunch of benefits but there are some drawbacks you need to accept as well.


  • Heavily soiled carpets can easily be cleaned with shampooing.
  • Dirt that set in such as loose soil can be removed with shampooing without hassle.
  • You will love the foamy effect and the smell.
  • There are many carpet shampoo cleaner for rent you can find.
  • Shampooing is great for large soiled areas.
  • It can extract water and dirt at once.


  • Scrubbing is not good for the carpet fibers. This could damage them and make it weakened.
  • Shampooing needs extra work for large carpets or bigger rugs.
  • Shampoo may leave some soap residue on the fibers. The soap residue can attract more dirt and dust.
  • Shampooing requires a large and expensive machine.
  • Drying may take about 24 to 48 hours.

Cleaning with Steam Cleaner: an Overview

Steam cleaning is the other way you can use to clean your carpets. The steam cleaner has a powerful system that includes a pump and a vacuum. You may choose different carpet cleaning attachments as there is a wide variety of add-ons you can try. Some of them are the spot steaming attachment which is used for spot stains and the wide cleaning wand.

The same with shampooing machine, steam cleaning allows you to add any carpet solution of your choice. There is also a hose you can use to throw away wastewater. The use of tap water to produce hot steam vapour can keep everything sanitizsed without the need for harmful chemicals.

Dust mites, bed bugs, moulds, bacteria, and viruses are your carpet’s enemy. Steam cleaning vs shampooing carpet can kill them while keeping everything safe around you.

How Steam Cleaning Works

Most steam cleaners have a great vacuum and pump system that is mounted through a vehicle or portable electric unit. There is a cleaning wand connected to a solution hose and wastewater hose. The cleaning solution is released into the carpet when the cleaning wand is pulled towards the user.

Professional steam cleaners come with a lot of features suitable for different application. It often comes with a lot of power and can spray more detergent into the carpet. It can suck up more water giving you lesser time to dry the carpet. When you hire a professional in cleaning your carpet, the pay is no more than 100 dollars per average room.

Steam cleaning can rejuvenate carpeting. It can also extend the floor coverings life. Since steam cleaners are packed with a lot of features, there could also be a lot of advantages you can get. So, before we discuss its shortcomings, here is the positive side.


  • Steam cleaning attachments are easy to use. They can clean hard to reach areas.
  • You can find this method more efficient because it can clean a wall to wall carpet.
  • This type of cleaning is safe and organic. Water is the only main ingredient. No chemicals involved.
  • You don’t need to purchase disinfectants. The high temperatures of steam cleaners can disinfect the carpet nicely.
  • No mites, fleas and any eggs can live. Steam will kill all of them even in the deepest carpet fibers.
  • Steam extraction is a deep cleaning method. Stubborn stains such as grease and grime have no room to stay.

Additionally, steam cleaning has been tested to kill as high as 99.9% of germs. Dust mites, bed bugs, and other pests are prevented. It also offers quick drying in a lighter and versatile.


  • Steam cleaners may not be as effective as shampooing when it comes to deeply soiled carpets. It is not also good for larger rooms.
  • There are stubborn stains that can’t be removed by water or steam alone. A tough cleaning solution might be needed.
  • Most models do not come with a vacuum. You need to purchase one separately at an additional cost.

Deciding Which to Choose

As you explore steam cleaning vs shampooing carpet, you may find that each of them has pros and cons. It is easy to say that when it comes to choosing which one is best, you have to embrace both the positive and negative side. What’s matter most is to make sure the advantages have a higher rate than those that are not.

Generally, shampooing works best on heavily stained floors. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is preferable on a very much filthy area. A carpet that is saturated with dirt particles can give your home some sort of embarrassment. Cleaning it with the help of vapour will take unpleasant odour together with mites, bugs and many other annoying pests away.

Deciding between steam cleaning vs shampooing carpet can be confusing as there are many reputable cleaning companies you can find. They can provide a personalised recommendation about what method you can use and give you tips on how to employ the best.

Professionals can examine your floor to determine what kind of cleaning will suffice and provide the best results. You can request an in-home consultation for you to learn what method is right for your home.

Remember, carpets are different. If you are unsure what cleaning method to use, do a spot test or call a professional.