Going natural has become a craze in our day, and for valid reasons. We want to eliminate the synthetic and chemical-filled products from our homes and replace them with healthier organic options. It is no wonder everyone is talking about natural eating, natural grooming, and why not, natural carpet cleaning.

Keeping your carpet clean has many benefits. You give your carpet a longer life when you clean it regularly because certain forms of dirt may consume the fabric of your carpet. In addition, a clean carpet makes your home environment pleasant and free from dust and bad odour. Ridding your carpet of bacteria, stains and spots are also a key reason for regular carpet cleaning. And we should not forget that a clean carpet is easier to maintain by regular vacuuming.

The foregoing general benefits of a clean carpet can be obtained regardless of whether you clean your carpet professionally with approved commercial cleaning solutions or opt for a natural DIY. But does knowing how to clean carpet naturally have benefits when effected and used to replace the chemical-laden professional solutions? The experts think it does.

Benefits of cleaning your carpet naturally

Keeping your carpet free of the commercial products has specific benefits:

  • Your home and the surrounding environment are protected from the toxins in these products. This means that your family is safer.
  • Direct exposure to the chemicals found in cleaning solutions has adverse health risks that may range from skin irritations, allergic reactions, and with consistent exposure even cancers. The natural solutions are, thus, a more health-promoting option.
  • Children love crawling around the house during play. That means they are more exposed to the dirt and bacteria on the carpet and if chemical-laden solutions are used, your kids are equally exposed to the remnant chemical traces of a carpet cleaning solution. This poses a health hazard to your child.
  • You dig less deep in your pocket when you opt for the natural carpet cleaning alternatives. A lot of the solutions can be homemade from readily available home products and the DIY saves you the cost of a professional cleaner.

With the benefits listed, our key question is how to clean carpet naturally. We keep in mind that carpet cleaning can be part of the general home maintenance procedure or be prompted by accidental stains and spots. Here are 4 DIY options on how to clean carpet naturally in bid to maintain it or remove stains.

Option #1: Anti-odour vinegar and lavender oil spray

The method is especially meant to rid your carpet of dirt and leave it smelling fresh. The core ingredients of the spray are vinegar, salt, and lavender essential oil.

The procedure:

  • Pour a cup of white vinegar into a spray bottle
  • Add two cups of water
  • Put two tsp of salt
  • Add 15 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Cap the bottle and shake to mix the contents
  • Spray the carpet, shaking the bottle every few sprays to ensure even distribution of the solution. Target any dirt spots and stains directly when spraying
  • Allow the carpet to dry and vacuum.

Note: the amount for the ingredients may be increased following the same ratio (1cup of vinegar: 2cups of vinegar: 2tsp) to meet the size of your carpet.

Option #2: Child-friendly baking soda and lavender oil solution

The solution will not only leave your carpet clean and fresh-smelling but is also safe for children. Children are always playing on the carpet and often put their play toys into the mouth. Lavender essential oil is approved for children below age 2. Baking soda also contains deodorising properties and is easy to vacuum.


  • Pour 2 cups of baking soda into a glass jar
  • Add 30 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Cap and shake to mix
  • Remove cap and replace it with sugar paper
  • Secure the paper onto the bottle and make holes on the paper to allow pouring the solution.
  • Pour the solution onto the entire carpet and leave it for about 2 hours.
  • Vacuum to remove dirt and leave your carpet free of unpleasant odors.

Option #3: Home products carpet spots cleaning solution

Stubborn spots on your carpet can be annoying. If you don’t want to hire the services of a professional cleaner and risk having the odor of the detergents in your home for a couple of days, you may opt to make this efficient solution with a few home products.

The procedure:

  • Pour 6 cups of hot water into a bucket
  • Add 2 tbsp of white vinegar
  • Pour 2 tbsp of Castile soap to the mixture (Castile soap is made from natural plant oils)
  • Empty a cup of hydrogen solution into the mixture and stir to ensure even mixing.
  • Dip a clean rag into the solution and soak the stain, allowing the solution to sit on it for a minute or so.
  • Dry the spot with another rag without scrubbing or rubbing.

Note: Repeat the procedure on the same spot if need be.

Option #4: Vinegar and water carpet steam cleaning

Carpet shampoos are not only expensive but they contain the chemicals you are trying to keep away from with the DIY carpet cleaning options. You can make your water and vinegar solution and use a steam cleaning machine to do the job.


  • Move any furniture or aesthetic objects from the carpet.
  • Vacuum any heavy traffic spots of the carpet that you suspect have solid dirt particles. This ensures better outcomes.
  • Mix equal portions of hot water and vinegar in a bowl and stir to blend equally.
  • Pour the solution into the reservoir of the steam cleaning machine and replace it on the machine.
  • Press the trigger on the handle of the machine to dispense the solution while passing it on the carpet in a similar way as a vacuum cleaner. You may want to work on quarter portions of the carpet at a time.
  • Pass the steam cleaning machine on the carpet without pressing the trigger to suck the moisture and dirt into the collection tank. Keep passing the machine on the steam cleaned area until all the moisture is collected.
  • Remove the water collection tank and dispose of the dirty water into the toilet.
  • Refill the water tank with the vinegar and hot water solution and repeat the process until your carpet is fully cleaned.
  • Allow carpet to dry.

Bottom line

Home products can be your best solution when you are wondering how to clean carpet naturally. Using these products not only saves you on financial costs of hiring a professional and buying commercial cleaning products but the choice has extensive health benefits.