As with all other stains, coffee stains become harder to remove if left for a longer time on your carpet. We may not always stop to think about what the delicious morning cup of coffee achieves once we introduce it to our body, but we certainly can’t ignore the outcome of spilling the contents of your coffee mug on your carpet, and heaven forbid that your carpet should be light-coloured!

The best solution to the question ‘how to get coffee stains out of a carpet’ is to act immediately. The sight of an extensive coffee spill on your white carpet will certainly ruin your day. So when it happens, do not put your arms on the head to mourn the tragedy first. Instead, make a marathon to the nearest rag you can place your hands on or grab some paper napkins and press the coffee stain to absorb the liquid and stop it from spreading.

With the spreading arrested, it’s now time to explore your options and be informed about how to get coffee stains out of a carpet. We present some of the stain removing solutions and methods that you can choose from.

1 – Warm water

A fresh coffee stain on your carpet can be easily eliminated using two readily available materials in two simple steps. In the first step, a clean dishcloth or some paper napkins are used to blot as much of the coffee as possible from the carpet. This stops the stain from spreading and removes the extra coffee from the fibre on the stained area.

In the second step, the stain is treated with lukewarm water. The water can be sprayed on the stain using a spray bottle or directly applied to the stain using a sponge or cloth. The first step is repeated to blot the liquid using a clean towel.

Repeat both steps if the stain is not cleared after the first time.

2 – Kitchen detergent and water

Especially if the coffee stain is still fresh, using a kitchen detergent and water can save you the trouble of spending more time removing the stain and using more aggressive commercial solutions.

Apply a small amount of the detergent on a damp cloth and use it on the stain area. Avoid scrubbing since that will spoil the carpet fibre. Instead, gently dab the stained area starting from the outside to the centre of the stain spot. This prevents the coffee stain from spreading any further.

Repeat the procedure until the stain is completely removed. Use a different cloth and clean water to remove the detergent from the carpet and any remnant coffee traces. A dry cloth will help you blot the moisture before allowing the carpet to dry. You may prefer to use a steam vacuum to suck the moisture instead of dry cloths. Whichever option you prefer, the point is to rid your carpet of the moisture.

3 – Water and lemon juice

As with other methods, the first thing you need to do is blot the fresh coffee stain using paper napkins or a clean cloth. If the stain is old, moist it with water and blot the moisture. Even if you may be inclined to scrub the stain, avoid it at all costs to prevent ruining your carpet and spreading the stain.

Mix water and fresh lemon juice in the ratio 2:0.25, in other words, 2 cups of water with a ¼ cup of lemon juice. You may add 2 drops of dish washing solution.

Introduce the solution to the stain and use a damp cloth to dab from the outside of the coffee stain towards the centre. Rinse with cold water and use a clean towel to blot the moisture. Repeat the process until the coffee stain dissipates.

Allow the carpet to dry.

4 – Water and club soda

You may have used club soda for your tasty cocktail mixes. But did you know that the carbonated water can be the solution to the ‘how to get coffee stains out of a carpet’ quandary?

If your stain is fresh, blot to remove the excess coffee. If you are dealing with an old stain, moist it first and blot. Spritz the stain with club soda to saturate the area and gently work the liquid into the stain with your fingers or using a damp cloth. Leave it for 5-10 minutes then rinse with cold water. Blot to remove the moisture. Repeat the procedure a second time if the first round does not clear the stain.

Leave the carpet to dry.

5 – When worse comes to worst, use a commercial stain remover

Two situations may lead you to consider a commercial stain remover:

  • You have a large coffee stain
  • You have tried all other options and none works

When you opt for the commercial stain remover, read product instruction to make out which one is best for your carpet’s fibre. You may also notice that some products are specifically meant for coffee stains.

To remove the stain, moist the area by first spraying it with water. Apply the stain remover and follow the instructions given to get rid of your stain.

Summary steps

Whichever of the above methods you settle for to address your dilemma on how to get coffee stains out of a carpet, the key steps are always the same:

  • Use a clean cloth or paper napkins to remove excess coffee if you are dealing with a fresh stain or moist a dry stain with water and blot to suck the coffee with a clean cloth.
  • Apply your choice product (water, kitchen detergent, lemon juice, club soda or commercial stain remover) and let it settle for 5-15 minutes.
  • Dab the stain area to clear the stain. Always work from the outside to the middle area of the stain.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove the remnant coffee and cleaning product.
  • Blot to remove the moisture.
  • Repeat the process as needed; until the stain is no longer visible.
  • Allow the carpet to dry.