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How to Neutralise Odours in Carpet

Carpet is highly absorbent, and that is why it quickly becomes dirty and smells bad. Smoking, accidents and spills may lead to pungent, horrible smells. But you do not need to replace your carpet when it smells bad. It just needs some extra cleaning. In this post, we will show you how to neutralise odours in carpet. […]

Steam Cleaning VS Shampooing Carpet

Carpet is one of the most challenging things to clean. When stains and grime append deeply, water alone may not be enough. Washing once may not also be a satisfactory solution. To get rid of all the dirt is what we always want to do each day. Sanitising is the other thing we like doing to break down unwanted invaders, especially when it comes to carpets. Today, people use two common ways to clean them – steam cleaning and shampooing. [...]

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How to Clean Carpet Naturally

Going natural has become a craze in our day, and for valid reasons. We want to eliminate the synthetic and chemical-filled products from our homes and replace them with healthier organic options. It is no wonder everyone is talking about natural eating, natural grooming, and why not, natural carpet cleaning. […]

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How to Get Pet Stains Out of a Carpet

Pets are man’s best friends. They can be great company or in the case of dogs, efficient bodyguards. Pets have also been associated with therapeutic functions for their friendly and comforting characteristics. Despite their great qualities, these friends can leave you confused about how to get pet stains out of a carpet. But why would this be the case? […]

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How to Get Coffee Stains Out of a Carpet

As with all other stains, coffee stains become harder to remove if left for a longer time on your carpet. We may not always stop to think about what the delicious morning cup of coffee achieves once we introduce it to our body, but we certainly can’t ignore the outcome of spilling the contents of your coffee mug on your carpet, and heaven forbid that your carpet should be light-coloured! […]

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How to Get Blood Stains Out of a Carpet

Carpeting your home has practical and aesthetic functions. A carpet has an insulation role, can protect from slips, and adds to your home décor. Any décor achieves its ornamental purpose when well maintained to preserve its decorative expression. If a decorative object is not well maintained, it can lose its original purpose and achieve a contradictory effect. For example, a picture frame covered in dust will lose its attractiveness just as a carpet filled with stains loses its appeal. [...]

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How to Get Old Stains Out of a Carpet

Carpet stains are a common occurrence in our homes, especially if there is considerable traffic on the carpeting. Carpet stains might be caused by children playing, a coffee spill during an afternoon snack with friends or pet urine among others. In any of these cases, we will wonder how to get old stains out of a carpet. Commonplace has it that older stains are stubborn and difficult to clean. Hearing that diminishes our hope of getting rid of the stain. [...]

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7 Carpet Cleaning Tips

Cleaning stained carpets is one of the most tedious things to do especially if you don’t have a clue on how to remove these stubborn stains. Here are some tips on how to take off stains, eliminate bad odour, and retain your carpet’s appearance to its original beauty.

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