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Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning your carpet is healthy for you. It is also good for your carpet because it will last long if you clean it regularly.  But everyone knows how difficult it is to clean carpet. The task is time-consuming and physically demanding. But nobody wants to live with carpet bugs, carpet beetles and allergens. In this post, we will discuss some easy carpet cleaning tips and tricks. […]

How to Get Old Stains Out of a Carpet

Carpet stains are a common occurrence in our homes, especially if there is considerable traffic on the carpeting. Carpet stains might be caused by children playing, a coffee spill during an afternoon snack with friends or pet urine among others. In any of these cases, we will wonder how to get old stains out of a carpet. Commonplace has it that older stains are stubborn and difficult to clean. Hearing that diminishes our hope of getting rid of the stain. [...]

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