It is not just enough to buy carpets and expensive rugs for your home or office. With the passage of time, and with the footfall, dust and other pollutants will gather on them. It is then necessary to go for local carpet cleaning in London.

But while it might seem easy just to vacuum or dust the carpets and rugs, they would not remove deadly stains of food, or mould or even odour of sweat and pet urine. For this stubborn stain and odour removal, one might need to look for local expert carpet cleaners.

How To Find Carpet Cleaners Near Me?

In fact, having the local cleaners to come regularly on schedule for the cleaning is a smart move. Since 2017 is just a few days away, we have to find out the rates for carpet cleaning that you might have to shell out for the services you seek.

Finding out about the general prices:

The general dusting, washing and intensive stain and odour removal are essential services that every carpet cleaning company worth its weight in gold shall have to offer. There are rates based on two basic factors- Per room basis and per square foot basis. However, note that:

• There is nothing called very low price

• They should not overprice

• They shall give the flat rate in case of per room in an apartment where rooms are usually of similar size.

• Per- square- foot prices, work for the big independent homes, and cottages where carpeted areas would be more.

Rate tables for common knowledge:

• The rate for cleaning in traditional methods: Though these rates would vary from one state to another in a minor way, in London and across the UK these are the estimates that you shall expect for hiring the carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning rates would be between £50 and £150 for a room of 200ft and 400ft. This would generally include washing, air drying and replacing them.

• Rates for advanced cleaning systems and methods: If the workload involves restoring carpets from flood steam drying is what they would use. With steam drying, they shall be able to dry up many carpets at a time. They shall also be using colour restoring and sealants for restoring the original colour and texture to the carpets. They would be able to repair the worn and frayed edges of the mats easily too. The rates would be around £400 to £500 for an area of 1000 to 2000sq ft.

• Rates as per carpet type and make: If an antique carpet is the one that would need care, then the rate would be different for that vis a vis the regular daily use carpets in the corridor or staircase. The rate would be as per the area and the make too. If the carpet has nylon or wool, or needle embroidery embellished on it, then they would need extra care for that too.


In short, various rates exist for cleaning carpets and rugs, and there are also rates that might include or exclude tax. So, be careful while picking the company for your home or office carpet cleaning or else you might more than what you should have.