The beauty of carpets is a feature we must protect since it enhances the general appearance of your house. However, regardless of how one is careful, staining the carpet is quite unavoidable. Once the carpet has been installed, it experiences daily traffic subjecting it to bad odour and stains. Removing such stains and odours may be daunting if you have no tips on how to go about it. The key is to carefully clean the carpet without damaging its fibres.

Let’s have a look at the common stains with the best carpet cleaning tips.

Coffee Stains

Coffee is the leading source of stains on your carpet giving it a soiled appearance. The first step is to take a blotting paper and use it soak the stained coffee. In case you don’t have such paper, then modify a rag provided you soak as much coffee you can.

Next, you need to get rid of the remaining stain. Consider using home products which are natural and affordable. Take water and mix it with vinegar and a detergent of your choice. Continue cleaning it until the stain is cleaned. If the stain is beyond your capacity, then get the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Ink Stains

Inks, unlike other stains, require special cleaning. Don’t use a rag to rub the carpet since you will worsen the situation. Instead, you can use distilled alcohol. Take a napkin and soak it in alcohol. After that, blot it on the stain and leave it for some time. Don’t make a mistake to rub the carpet since repeated rubbing will perform the task well. After that, you can now comfortably vacuum your carpet or use a soft polish remover.

Pet Stains

If you own a pet, then having both the odour and stain is common. First, you should handle the mess by moistening it using water. Take a cloth or rag and clean the stain for some time until it appears to disappear. After that, take a vacuum and clean the spot until it dries completely. To take care of the bad odour, consider using a deodoriser.

Blood Stains

Though not common, such stains can be obstinate. You can remove blood stains using water and a strong detergent. This will work better if you remove the stain as soon as it occurs. Cold water is the best in cleaning blood spots. If you use warm water, then blood will clot. Take a handful of liquid dish detergent then mix it with water. Spread the mixture on the stain and clean it repeatedly.

Removing Odours

When it comes to pet smells, then go for a smell remover after having cleaned the stains. If you don’t have an odor remover, then use a natural baking soda. It works the magic! Take the soda and evenly spread it over the stain. Let it absorb the stain for a few hours after which you will clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. You can alternatively use coffee grounds or vinegar. For the case of vinegar, mix it with water on equal portions and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Then you can lightly spray the source of the smell. Once the vinegar mixture dries, the smell will dissolve leaving your carpet smelling fresh!

Other Food Stains

You can get rid of any stain from your carpet provided you respond immediately and use the correct steps. For other food, stains let’s say soup, remove the excess stains through scrapping. Then make a soapy solution and use it to saturate the stain. Allow it to stay for a few minutes. Like other cases, avoid using warm water which may set a stain. Then you should blot up the solution till the stain is clear. You can now rinse the area using clean water and let it dry.

Other Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips

Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. You need to vacuum your carpet regularly if you want to keep it free of stains, smell fresh and clean. This will make it easy to clean it if it gets stained accidentally.

Wipe clean all spills quickly. Right after they happen, you need to wipe all the spills. It will keep your carpet clean and prolong its life. Wiping immediately also removes the bad odours

Use natural cleaners. Start with plain water and avoid rushing into chemical detergents. If that fails, then go for bleach mixtures to help remove stubborn stains.

Book professional carpet cleaning service. At least once a year invest money in deep steam cleaning for your home carpet.